Original Works

Please choose a writing, or song that is an original work.  Now accepting submissions for  the holiday season.  The NOW Network is a CHRISTIAN NETWORK so all work MUST BE FAMILY FRIENDLY PG-13.  

Specifications for video follow:

Video Clip Quality


1. Video clip must be shot in High Definition (HD)

2. Must be able to clearly see subject (well lighted)

3. Sound quality should be good-excellent. (Please be conscious of background noise i.e. people talking, baby crying, dog barking)

4. Please avoid “shaky “as well as “out of focus” video.

5. If possible, the file format should be MP4

The submission should be up to 3 - 5 minutes. Please send your submission to info@entertainingstrangers.net. If the file size is too large, please upload your audition via wetransfer.com to info@entertainingstrangers.net